As a child I would play mostly on my own, but for me it was playing with my spirit friends. I found through experience that it would always be best to keep those friends a secret from my family and real friends.

I remember while working as a trainee, an image of my father came into my mind; My father was standing with his chest cut open and his beating heart in his hand, and he had a big smile on his face. I was shocked at what I had just seen in my own mind. A few hours later upon arriving home my cousin was waiting for me because my father was about to go in for an emergency quadruple heart bypass, she expected me to be worried and upset but I just said “it will be ok, he was smiling”.

On many occasions I remember people telling me private personal situations. I found it amazing that they would feel free to open up to me and allow me the chance to hear their most intimate secrets. Then even as a teenager they listen to what I had to say and took my advice or healing that i offered.

Every client session astounds me. This is because I am a total open book, I allow my intuition to guide me through each session; speaking, moving and energizing exactly when and were feels right to me. It has become totally natural and fluid for me to be the energetic channel that helps change people lives and bodies.

The feeling of holding an energy attachment in my hand that was only a few seconds ago causing a client serious problems, being aware of it move and shift as I wash it away, will always keep me aware of how incredible this journey is that I am on.

I am very much at awe of the spirit surgeons, guides and doctors that work along side me.