As I follow my “spiritual path” seeking enlightenment, I find myself slightly complacent with my personal Journey and I have become a watcher.

I find myself watching how other people are playing out their endeavours to be enlightened and I have learned much for myself through this.

On this path to enlightenment, we are pushing ourselves to a higher and higher vibration and it becomes easy for us to judge the people we see around us as being below us because we are pursuing a higher vibration. We believe that we are on the ultimate path and that we should help other people along their path. We start to assist our families, our friends our work colleagues as well as any one who will listen with their personal path.

I believe that this need to help others on their path is in itself is extremely un-enlightened. What I believe we should be doing as searchers of enlightenment is to accept every person no matter if they are on a path or not, no matter what age, sex, religion, and belief structure they may have chosen. We need to accept the killers and lover, the helpers and abusers, people we think are lazy or workaholics, people who give and people who take. We need to accept them.

If we are seeking universal spiritual enlightenment then we should realise that the universe has a purpose for all its types of people. With out this vast variety I think life would be far less worthwhile. So accept everyone is also accepting the universe.

Through accepting them, we are in turn accepting ourselves.

Accepting yourself, I believe, is an ultimate step in the search of spiritual enlightenment, so before you judge or help other people, accept them as just perfect and allow those who want to learn from you to choose you.

From being the teacher, I have learned that I am only and will only ever be the student.