Couples sessions are booked in a group of two, two hour session. Held over two weeks. Each two hour session is broken into three parts of forty minutes. One part per partner and the final part for me to explain what energetic patterns are present in the relationship and to offer tools to make changes to improve the emotional connection in the relationship. Further sessions are single one hour sessions at my normal hourly rate. (bring something to keep you occupied whilst your partner is in their forty minute session). Couple sessions are also available internationally over online video chat.

Every couple is unique so there cannot be a set format for what work we do in the sessions, but there are some rules that must be adhered to:
Both partners most have chosen to be in session.
The sessions are not a battle ground.
Both partners must be willing to do the work.

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£550.00  2 x Two hour sessions

  1. In purchasing the healing session through Paypal you are agreeing to these terms and conditions as well as all Wayne Lee’s terms and conditions.
  2.  The client is responsible for making sure that they do the prescribed and agreed homework as often as possible.
  3. Both partners must be willing to recognize that Wayne Lee works for the highest of good and the highest of good may be that the relationship either thrives or comes to an end.
  4. Wayne lee is not responsible for any couples relationship and hence is not liable for any changes made in the relationship as a cause of becoming aware of the couples bonding patterns. Wayne Lee will offer advice and energetic knowledge to attempt to help the relationship to make its natural organic movement forward no matter the out come it is up to the couple to decide to use or not use the advise given.
  5. Wayne lee is not responsible for the out come of the session in any way.
  6. No refunds are available for healing.