For years now I have been looking for the right exercise for me, the exercise that will bring my body into line with my soul energy. Tai chi was the closest I could get, but it still did not feel right. Tonight I was led to do something that has been in the back of my mind for several years.

I stood in my living room, lights dim, quiet, and I let myself release into my legs, I went into a tai chi standing position and I let my shoulders drop and I opened myself up to my guides and I asked if someone could come and be my teacher. It was in an instant, and my body was moving, side to side, small steps as I swayed and each movement had my feet twisting in a golden spiral or Fibonacci spiral. 3 dimensionally grounding me to the floor, then I was into the wave my entire body behaving like a wave of energy. (I did not know I could move that much). My new teacher told me I have to learn to be connected to the ground before I do anything else. He told me every day I must learn to be on my feet with the spirals and every step must be a spiral. (this reminded me of when I was recently at the Copenhagen airport I realised I was walked creating long spirals with each step I just watched myself walk like this, it was random but I accepted it).

My new teacher dropped some info into me as we worked, he showed me that it was very important to let go through my body into my legs and let my legs go into the floor. He made it clear that all I will be doing for months if not years is grounding, working my way up the body, but legs legs legs first, he said that my shoulders, arms, neck and chest need to learn to let go, so for now it will only be legs, thighs, hips and waist he works on. He expects me to just be constantly letting go of my neck shoulders and chest.

I think it was about 40 minutes I was standing there doing this, I can still feel it in my body, he told me no more massages or chiropractic until he says so, he told me that I will feel pain but I need to work through it and that I have no choice but to continue this. It’s my next step forward. He will be my teacher like other spirit guides have taught me about healing and intuition.

Trusting them and myself has become easier and I am going to keep on doing it. My only fear is I will fight against this; it’s a block I need to work through.

I do feel good right now after 40 minutes of just being in my legs really connected to the ground.

Going to just go for it.