How not to fuck up your kids

How not to fuck up your kids

This passionate, eye-opening and heart-felt book is perfect for parents of 0-8 year olds and gives an amazing insight into how to minimise childhood trauma. By changing your attitude to parenting you will raise emotionally mature children without losing your mind.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Why the naughty step needs to go as soon as possible.
  • How to help your kids to share and not share for their best good.
  • Learn how to really communicate and listen to your child’s needs.
  • Why self-empowerment and personal development are your best parenting tools.
  • Why you should never lie to your children if you want them to grow up to be balanced adults
  • And lots more including sleeping habits, toilet training, dealing with tantrums, sibling rivalry and how to teach your children to learn.

Wayne is an internationally renowned healer who, for the past 12 years, has helped thousands of adult clients deal with inner-child trauma instilled in them by unaware parenting. In this straight-talking and often light-hearted book he shares concepts, ideas and insights to help prevent your kids ending up on the therapy couch. Jam-packed with real-life case studies, practical ideas and advice, How Not To Fuck-Up Your kids will help you to become the best parent you can be and help your children grow into genuine, emotionally stable and empowered adults.

Note from the author: If this book doesn’t make you see parenting in a different light I’ll eat my fucking hat.

This book is a brilliant gift for anyone who is or is going to be a parent.

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“This book has been a many leveled therapy session. As I read, I examine my parenting, the parenting I received, and the parenting of my grandchildren. I cringed a little, however, as I recognized the learning process involved in family relationships. Through examples, offering phrases, and reading the results of unhelpful parental behaviors, I began to clarify my responsibilities to myself as a person, and to my family, as mother and grandmother. Wayne has been down to earth, honest, loving, and very brave to have shared in this way. Everyone can benefit from these profound lessons in parenting, and the learning process leading to raising a well balanced human being. The bonus is balancing yourself along the way.”

– Ruth S.