Energetic Therapy for the ‘Highest of Good’ with Total Integrity

Energetic Therapy for the ‘Highest of Good’ with Total Integrity


I am a natural intuitive healer, psychic surgeon, trance healer, soul healer and catalyst.
I work to create positive change in my clients. My integrity is my highest priority.

When working with you I will listen to what your body and soul requires for more balance and harmony in your life. I will allow my intuition to guide me for your highest of good. I will use psychic surgery, soul cleansing, spirit surgery, trance healing, visualisation, skeletal harmonising, negative belief releases, old pattern release and many more unique methods to create the change you need. I will be guided by your souls right to heal.

I have had great success helping people with depression, eating disorders, emotional trauma, childhood trauma, physical pain, fibromyalgia, ME, IBS, emotional pain, negative life patterns, conception and much more.

I work with:
Individuals of all ages to help them find there true harmony.
Couples to understand how their patterns are affect their lives.
Businesses to cleanse and clear their energetic footprint.

I believe if you are drawn to see me then I can help you, how I can help only time can tell.

Love and light.


 Wayne Lee

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