I believe illness is a resistance to making changes and is caused by not being seen, heard and your own needs met and can be triggered by similar trauma.

A family is going through a trying time and a boy in the family is not getting his needs heard at home, he is trying to speak up but his parents are not noticing he needs to be heard, this causes his throat chakra to go into a vibrational resistance that was caused because he does not know how to be heard and his needs met. The resistance is not knowing how to or a fear of making changes.

He goes to school and his throat chakra is throwing out this vibrational resistance from home, any other child in his close proximity who also might be holding some sort of similar resistance might also get triggered.

Over a day or two the boy’s physical body reacts to this resistance causing an imbalance in his throat, which weakens his immune system and he gets a sore throat. The doctors will call this a virus. If this has happened many times the weakened immune system will not be able to defend against bacterial fluctuations and we get a bacterial infection.

He goes to school a few days before it gets bad enough for the parents to notice he is not well. In those days at school his throat chakra is triggering other children’s similar trauma and we have many kids getting ill, we call this a bug going around.

Then the parents and siblings start to get this resistance ‘bug’ too. This shows that even the parents are not able to be heard or meet their own needs.

When I feel I am getting ill, I sit with myself and check what change I am resisting in my life and I sit with it and understand what is happening for me. i hear and see myself. I very seldom get ill or the full-blown dis-ease in my body. if your kids are getting ill often, maybe you need to try understand from their point of view what needs to change in their lives and see and hear their needs for them.

Love and light