“I consider it a stroke of luck and a blessing from God that I came across Wayne Lee and his healing methods.”

“I consider it a stroke of luck and a blessing from God that I came across Wayne Lee and his healing methods.

Wayne is very gifted at what he does. I felt at ease in his presence from day one. I was slightly anxious before my first session, but I instantly felt very drawn to him and comfortable around him because I saw that he has extremely kind eyes and a positive aura around him.

What struck me most about his sessions is how much he is characterized with sincere compassion towards his clients. He truly cares about them and wants to improve the quality of their lives for the better. He wants them to walk out of his sessions renewed, able to live their lives to the fullest, leaving all mental and physical restrictions behind. When he states that he works for (the highest of good beyond his understanding with total integrity), he truly means this and does everything in his power to make it happen.

He also respects his client’s privacy, and provides an emotionally secure environment in which you could raise issues that you could never voice elsewhere in an environment of complete security and trust. No matter what I said, I never felt judged in his eyes. He taught me to stop being judgemental with myself for my shortcomings, and to truly love myself for who I am.

I am deeply touched, thankful and overwhelmed by how much he helped me. During the healing sessions, I could literally feel all the negative energy being drawn and sucked out of my body like a magnet. I had a lot negativity, which had been accumulated and buried inside me over the years. He helped me become aware of their effects on my life, and to release intense anger, deep insecurities, and physical pains affecting my body such as constant back aches.

The most remarkable and amazing change I have noticed in my life is how much my energy levels have soared. My body and my muscles used to feel really heavy and lazy. Wayne told me around my second session that I would start to have more energy, but I did not truly understand what he meant until I started to experience this change in action. My body feels completely renewed and energized. I have so much more energy for life now, and I do not feel like my body holds me back anymore.

Wayne is a very special person. I always think of him fondly and find myself remembering him through difficult times, because of how much support and kindness he has shown me.”
D.N. – London