“I left your practice feeling confident and happy that I am doing all I can for myself at present.”

“Dear Wayne,
I had seen your talk and demo at St James’ Church, Piccadilly before Christmas, and was very impressed with your attitude and way of working.

I booked a private session with you in February 2009 just for a check-up, or an energy ‘MOT’. I didn’t feel there was anything major to fix, but after ending a relationship, I was beginning the New Year with a healthier lifestyle all round, including giving up smoking. I was doing very well with that – I hadn’t put on weight, but found I was drinking much more alcohol at weekends. I was also concerned about arthritis beginning to creep into my hands (my granny’s hands became quite disfigured with it). And lastly, from time to time, (for several years now) my guts sometimes get uncomfortably bloated & gassy for no reason I can think of. All of these symptoms were annoying rather than disabling and I was rather nervous at the beginning that you might think I was wasting our time! However you put me at my ease straightaway and assured me it’s a good thing to be paying attention to health in this way, before issues get out of hand.

You saw a brilliant flash of light behind my left shoulder as we were talking, which was intriguing to both of us. Then you spoke of the importance of hydrating the body to stop acidic crystals building up in the joints and causing arthritis.

Looking at my hands you asked if I’d done any Reiki training. You could see that the teacher hadn’t really known what she was doing (very true!) and you removed a ‘block’ from the palm of my right hand. You spoke of the importance of not letting energy get trapped in the hands & that something like Tai Chi can help let it flow out.

While on the couch, you asked about my childhood. At all times you were positive, gently giving other ways of thinking about limiting or negative statements. Having practiced hypnotherapy I know the value and power of this. You worked over my body, scanning my energy and making small adjustments where necessary. There was an old energy block which needed removing, you were told by one of your guides. You took it from my left shoulder and I simultaneously felt a mild sensation of energy leaving my abdominal area. Shortly after this you asked where I live and I couldn’t remember! You laughed, telling me it was just ‘the energy’ causing my conscious awareness to get diverted.

There was not much to work on with me, because I am in good health. I was very glad to hear that from you though, regarding my aura, chakras, meridians etc. that I cannot see for myself. You assured me that my lungs would repair very quickly following my giving up smoking.
I left your practice feeling confident and happy that I am doing all I can for myself at present.
Thank you for your warm and strong support. Best wishes and perhaps see you soon in a workshop!”

Audrey Turner