“I no longer felt uncomfortable in my own skin and started to enjoy being myself. “

“Hi Wayne sorry its taken me ages 2 get around 2 sending u this. Anyway here goes:

My 1st session with Wayne was for an acute health problem that I had been quite sick with for about two weeks and had been a recurring problem for many years.
The thing is, deep down you already know what’s eating you and that its making you sick but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Then as soon as you walk into the room he knows exactly what it is and can identify it, then during the course of the session you figure out why. This process of finding the cause of the negative emotions I found was very eye opening and enlightening for me and knowing these things and being at peace with them was also very healing.
During the actual hands on healing I actually felt the negative energy that was gathered up in my problem area surge up under his hand as it was being released. Then I felt energy start to flow all the way down to my feet- a slight tingling sensation, like an electric current but not at all unpleasant. I have had rieki before but never experienced any physical sensations and changes happening during treatment like this.
That night I slept extremely deep and soundly. Then the next day the change and improvement I felt in my body was quite remarkable, there was no pain or tenderness in that area anymore and over the course of the next few days it my body continued 2 heal until I felt completely better.
What also happened after the treatment was that deeper underlying issues began to surface and it became apparent that these also had to be dealt with now they had presented themselves. For this I had a session via Skype. Although I didn’t feel the strong physical sensations as with the first hands on session, in the days and weeks afterward, I felt the changes in me emotionally- I no longer felt uncomfortable in my own skin and started to enjoy being myself. “

Hazel – New York