“It has not only helped our daughter but also our relationship.”

“A very warm THANK YOU.
Before having found Wayne’s details through a friend of mine, we had been to every other doctor there is, including the GP, an SOS evening call from a private doctor company and other energy healing. NOTHING has worked for my little 1 year old baby girl who was struggling with coughing attacks and runny nose for 4 months, if not longer.

It was a constant worry. She would never have a restful night, tossing and turning every night, waking up at least 3 times with coughing attacks, in tears of pain afterwards. We never felt confident to move her into a seperate room as we never knew what would happen.

I am spiritually very open and have seen A LOT, nevertheless I have NEVER come across somebody so laid back and gentle and, more importantly, as talented and gifted as Wayne, who within 3 seconds of us being in his room knew what the problem was and even better GOT RID OF IT instantly. It was even obvious to us that Leya felt it too as she went from a hysterical crying to absolute bliss. She was seemingly exhausted and relaxed afterwards and for the first time in MONTHS able to sleep through the night without changing positions and without any attacks. I was worried at first that it might come back, but a week after the healing it is obvious that it is all PERFECT and better than ever.

She now sleeps in her own room and we are finally having some rest ourselves which hasn’t happened ever since she was born.

You can imagine the gratitude we feel towards Wayne and his gifts and for Jo obviously to promote such a wonderful and rare healer.

It has not only helped our daughter but also our relationship.

Eternal thank you for that.”
L Gollnow, London