“..my life has changed to such an extent that I find it hard now to imagine how I used to be.”

“Since my first encounter with Wayne in October 2008 at a talk he gave in N. Surrey, my life has changed to such an extent that I find it hard now to imagine how I used to be. At the talk, he assured everyone in the room that even if he had not had the opportunity to give them a short treatment, we would all receive healing of some kind which was absolutely true. A few weeks later I noticed my hair had started growing back much thicker, as I had always had problems with it thinning and being very weak.

I also felt compelled to attend one of Wayne’s workshops, which I did about a month later. I came away from the workshop feeling energised after having received a treatment from Wayne where he removed a large blockage from my solar plexus and re balanced my throat chakra.

Things started to improve significantly from then onwards and after two private treatments with Wayne, I have been transformed from having very little self worth or confidence, to someone who is very much more in control of their life. I have also resolved issues from my childhood with Wayne’s help, where he removed a large amount of negative energy and restriction. He did advise me after my last treatment that I would feel quite drained (which was an understatement), but this was due to the ‘space’ left after the removal of years of negative accumulation. This has now been replenished with far more positive energies and I feel far more calm and collected than I ever have done before.

Wayne is truly amazing and I cannot recommend him enough!”

Sue M. Surrey