★★★★★ “We Are All Healers in Need of Healing”

“This is a fascinating insight into the work of a unique healer.

Wayne Lee is a naturally gifted healer, medium and Reiki master, who after treating thousands of people all over the world, began developing his own system: Evolutional Healing.

He describes in detail what he sees, feels, hears and `knows’ during case study sessions with a number of very different clients.

He explains, for example, that he `sees’ a person’s `energy map’ (the energy flow through the meridians); and how he feels their `energetics’ (the healthy and unhealthy vibrations from different Chakras or energy centres in the body).

It was particularly interesting to me to read how he believes that 2% of our intelligence resides in our minds, while the other 98% is contained in our bodies.

People often see him after years of talk therapy, having understood painful and traumatic experiences intellectually, but still feel `stuck’ or are repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour because the trauma has remained in the body and energy field.

Wayne has developed a number of methods and `tools’ to release trauma and negative beliefs, often with startlingly positive, life-changing results. The clients’ health and relationships improve dramatically, as they are restored to their true and balanced selves.

I’d recommend this unusual, interesting and moving book to anyone interested in healing work, alternative health or spirituality.”

~ RebeccaP