“What I can say now is that I feel more ‘grounded’, I feel my body warmly around me and am finding it easier to make decisions”

“Your support for me over the past 12 months, and the work we have done together, has played a major part in the positive changes I have experienced since. With the exception of one of your workshops which I attended recently, it has been some months since you worked with me and time enough for me to experience any changes. The measure of the success of your intervention is whether I feel I am behaving differently. And I do!

With your help I have put to bed a long standing, and debilitating, co-dependency on my children, and on many of the people that I have come to love in my life. This may have been a consequence of my father’s sudden departure from my life when he was killed when I was 11 and which left me with real fears that I might lose the other people that I love … and repeat the terrible pain and grief of his loss. Whatever the reason, I have been unable to leave my adult children until now without choking back the tears and find now that I can spend time with them, without the overwhelming anxiety that our meeting will inevitably end in a parting … and more sadness. Instead, I have spent many occasions since with my children, my mother, my partner, and other family members and friends, and have been able to enjoy our time together … fully and without an eye on the day they must inevitably leave.. My children have noticed the difference. I was aware that on each occasion we parted that they were peering into my eyes and couldn’t quite believe that Dad’s eyes were dry! Laughing aside, this has freed me from much pain and sadness. If that had been all, it would have been worth our time together. However …

When I discovered you, through my partner Deborah, I had taken great steps over 10 years to overcome suicidal, chronic depression and anxiety, which had left me penniless ten years ago, without a home, and split from my children, and with no or little respect for myself. Without resorting to medication, I was rarely debilitated at all, and had built a successful and fulfilling business. But … I was still fearful for my future. In fact, I was fearful about a lot of things and worried all the time! Whilst I had made great strides in the last 10 years towards becoming a more responsible and mature individual (some of my friends and family would disagree – lol) and a much happier person, I still felt empty. I struggled to make the bigger life decisions!
Wayne worked to clear energetic blockages in my system around the time of my father’s death whilst all the while talking to me and offering me the wisest insights into myself – I felt nothing – but remained “wiped out” for two, sometimes three, days after each session.

What I can say now is that I feel more “grounded”, and if it doesn’t sound too ridiculous, I feel my body warmly around me and am finding it easier to make decisions. I am less reactive and am beginning to value myself more. There is still some work to do; what I have noticed though is that each day, each week, each month, I feel a little more solid. In practical terms, this has helped me to consider my options about the work I do to live, and to consider a complete change in direction. And know that I will be all right!
The decision to visit Wayne hasn’t absolved me from taking responsibility for myself but I feel better equipped for life; I feel I have more resources! More than ever …
Wayne cares passionately about the people that are brought to him and conducts himself with honesty and integrity and always with utmost compassion. I will continue to recommend Wayne as he makes a real difference in people’s lives. I consider him to be a valued friend.

Thank you”