I have been changing my concept of happiness.

I had watched a short video of a martial arts specialist who worked on the concept of emptiness as a means of balance with in himself. I began to contemplate this belief and over time have concluded that if we seek happiness in our lives we will inevitably receive struggle and hardship.

The universe in all its wisdom has given us the ability to choose for ourselves and thus we should be happy with what ever we have because we have chosen it. If we therefore seek happiness then we are giving the universe the message that we are unhappy and it endeavours to create for us the situation that we have chosen and we have chosen to be unhappy, so the universe gets busy creating our belief that we are unhappy and thus giving us struggle.

I have begun the inner quest of seeking emptiness. Emptiness is the acceptance of all the parts of who I am letting go of the vibration struggle that absorbs so much space with in me, I spend time reflecting on myself with out being harsh on myself because I have chosen the situation I am in. I seek to understand the beliefs in myself that hold me back and in doing so release the energetic blocks with in me, creating a space in myself for emptiness, I try spend time just with myself allowing emptiness to full me up. I release all my expectations as they are limiting my self-awareness. As I move forward toward emptiness the universe sees I am empty and at peace, I am accepting myself so it creates for me fulfilment.

So in short, the pursuit of happiness creates struggle and the pursuit of emptiness creates fulfilment.