I have done many successful video sessions and am really pleased with the results as it makes no difference if I am near or far, I can still feel exactly what is going on with a clients energy.

The distance means nothing to healing in fact often the video sessions can be more powerful because of the distance as energy moving gathers more energy and clients feel more open in their own environment. I do love 1-1 sessions but I cannot do all my techniques on a video session that I would do in a 1-1, but I have found new and exciting methods to work from a distance. The investment into your healing is £150-00 for an hour video session. Sessions always paid up front. To purchase a distant healing session please read my terms and conditions and then click on the purchase button. 

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1 hour £ 150.00 per session

1/2 hour £ 85.00 per session

3 by 1 hour sessions £400.00

6 by 1 hour sessions £ 780.00

  1.  In purchasing the healing session through Paypal you are agreeing to these terms and conditions as well as all Wayne Lee’s terms and conditions.
  2.  The client is responsible for making sure they have the right international time as well as equipment to video call with and is in a suitable location with good Internet connection.
  3. In the case of a equipment or Internet connection failure the session will need to be rescheduled.
  4. Wayne lee is not responsible for the out come of the session in any way.
  5. No refunds are available for healing.