Experience the power of distance Healing sessions

through numerous successful video sessions, I have witnessed remarkable results that transcend physical proximity. regardless of your location, I am able to tap into and perceive your energy with astounding accuracy. 

Distance holds no limitations when it comes to healing. In fact, video sessions often yield even greater potency as the energy exchange intensifies, drawing upon additional energy.

Clients find themselves more receptive within the comfort of their own environment. While I treasure the intimacy of one-to-one sessions, I have developed innovative approaches to effectively facilitate healing from a distance.   

For an investment of £150-00, you can embark on a transformative journey during a one-hour video session.

Sessions are always paid up front. 

To purchase a distant healing session please read my terms and conditions below and then make payment either using my email address: wayneleehealer@gmail.com with Paypal or if in the UK please do a bacs payment at  

Wayne Lee. 

lloyds acc no; 00466503 
sort code 30-92-02 

Book now

1 hour £ 150.00 per session

Paypal: wayneleehealer@gmail.com

1/2 hour £ 85.00 per session

Paypal: wayneleehealer@gmail.com

3 by 1 hour sessions £400.00

Paypal: wayneleehealer@gmail.com

6 by 1 hour sessions £ 780.00

Paypal: wayneleehealer@gmail.com


  1.  In purchasing the healing session you are agreeing to these terms and conditions as well as all Wayne Lee’s terms and conditions.
  2.  The client is responsible for making sure they have the right international time as well as equipment to video call with and is in a suitable location with good Internet connection.
  3. In the case of my equipment or Internet connection failure the session will need to be rescheduled.
  4. Wayne lee is not responsible for the out come of the session in any way.
  5. No refunds are available for healing.