Lately I have been working with clients on the energetic traumas about financial wealth.

I have come to some conclusions, as we grow up we get taught even before we are 14 years old how we should behave around and in connection with money. As with many different aspects in our lives we have taken on our parents beliefs and fears. When It comes to money this is no different. I thought it best to list the beliefs that we may have been programmed with.

Children are not responsible enough to look after money.
We could end up believing we are not good enough to be financially wealthy.

Children don’t understand the importance of money
We could end up letting money define our status I life.

Children waste money.
We could end up spending our money unwisely.

Children should just get enough money.
We could end up only ever earning just enough to survive.

Children do not understand how hard it was to earn money.
We could end up believe that earning money has to be is hard.

Children are a financial burden.
We could end up believing we do not deserve money.

Children should work hard for their money.
We could end up believe that we have to work hard to earn money.

I can go on, as there are many more of these kinds of beliefs, the problem with these beliefs is that most of them are with in us but we don’t even know they are there. They are invisible beliefs that were instilled in us before we could choose for ourselves.

The good news is that we do not have to keep these beliefs; they are mini energetic traumas that can be shifted if done so in the correct manner.

You could be struggling financially and not understand why, maybe you should seek out help to change those beliefs so if you have them you can CHOOSE to make a change.