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Healing Weekend


Weekend Details

On day one we will work on self connection, really meditating connecting and creating deeply within ourselves, we will push into the depths of our unknown self so that we become aware of what we are in need of and what to work on.
On day two we will begin the journey of healing those deep parts that need working on.
We start at 9 on Saturday and end at 6 on Sunday. numbers are limited to 6 people.

Self-healing investment per person
Sat morning – Sun evening £295.
Non resident:
Sat-Sun including lunches £180-00.

About weekend experiences
Healing weekend experiences follow a spiritual rhythm.
Gentle, loving, open acceptance and connection, caringly over-laced with good organic meals, sound sleep and deep healing, growing and harmony.

These workshop experiences are held in Gloucester in my private home. They run from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. You can either join us and reside off the property or reside with me. I have three rooms available 2 for couples or people willing to share with king size beds and one single bedroom (which I call the play room there is lots of Lego). With a shared bath and shower rooms.
Staying off property includes all meals other than breakfast but that can be arranged.
Staying with me includes all meals (mostly organic vegetarian) cooked by me. The room will be available from the Friday night to Monday morning if required with an extra charge for nights and meals.
The experiences are limited to small groups never exceeding 8 sitters.

All these workshops are held with healing and self-development in mind. They are about individual growth and you will not be asked to do anything that does not feel right to you.

I cannot to be held responsible for the inner harmony and self-empowerment created from these experiences and how that effects your world

if you are interested please contact me on or

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portraitThe Host

Wayne Lee has helped thousands of people all over the world recover from physical symptoms and emotional pain; illnesses and disorders. He is an energy savant, a naturally gifted healer who has been educated over years by his guides and his experiences. One of his skills is being able to see and feel a multi-dimensional ‘energy map’ of his clients. Wayne is a genuinely gifted healer with a passion for sharing love and harmony. He only works for the ‘highest of good beyond his understanding and with total integrity’.

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